His & Her Gift Guide

Diane and Todd have good taste, literally. The travel-loving, photo-taking, food-creating couple of the highly acclaimed White on Rice Couple love sharing the special, handcrafted products they use in their adventures in the kitchen and around the globe.


                                        Chocolate marshmallow pops for the holidays 

They say, “Luvocracy is going to make shopping for the holidays so much easier because everything comes recommended from people we trust. We can’t think of a better way to hear what you all are sharing from your shopping list.”

But we wanted to see what was on their list so we asked them to create a His & Her gift guide. From the perfect weekender to the chef knife and handmade ballet flats, their no-nonsense gifts are sure to please even the pickiest person.

The Los Angeles-based couple also founded Evolution Media and recently produced a video for Blue Bottle Coffee. They teach food photography and food styling workshops around the world.

See everything the super talented duo recommends

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2 Responses to His & Her Gift Guide

  1. Miyu says:

    I definitely love following this couple’s taste; I’d trust their recommendations 100%. I recommend following their gift guide because not only are their recommendations of high quality, practical, and convenient; their recommendations also offer a stylish way of living. I’m really happy to see an article which focuses on some of the things they like and recommend.

  2. Jesse says:

    Absolutely fascinating those two are.

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